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Mister Mathias

Mathias Klatte , Pianist and Singer .

Intenational Music . Hotels. Fiestas , Bars , Restaurants

Many times booked for six months or until more than three years at the same place .

Listen to versions played by him .


Actually playing in this "Deep Purple Tribute "

Mathias Klatte already has been active in several Shows like

"History of Rock´n´Roll" ( 1 y 2 ).

Watch Video on Homepage. Press here.


Mister Muddy´s Blues Revue

A Show with the best Music. . A revue of the Blues based in

"The Blues Brothers". Mathias Klatte sings , dances and plays Blues-Harps.

Produced by himself . ( see video just below )


Mathias Klatte (composer)

One thing is to make music.Always terapy,fun,discharge.One thing is to say something.One or another has to bring over a message.Another thing is that one musicians feeling flows into music and maybe transmitted and felt by the audience.And sometimes that happens.How could we understand the same,if words are mental only.The song gives you something extra.And this some little extra ,sensation or asociation,is what it is all about. Mathias Klatte, Keyboards , Programming, Composing . With 14 years got his first organ , played through several Bands , played in the street , played the Blues , prayed soul , loved Rock..n..Roll, loved Reggae , and still does so. For many years playing to make people dance doing versions, but never forgot about spirit in music. .

Listen to previous works :


El acordeón

Even with accordeon this musician does well, which makes posible shows at "Oktoberfest" , Beer-Party with fancy music. .

Mathias Klatte plays live key-instruments like organ , piano , accordeon , and sythesizers .

In Record Studio he plays percussion instruments and strings as well , like guitar , bass and Cajón .


Dúo Musical

There are colaborations ( Singers or musicians ) for other compatible and simultaneous proyects .

Ask for your offer. .

+34-626 027 147

Carsten Klatte

One musician that Mathias always works with him . .

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